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Old Red – Face & BodyArt Cake Paint 20G

Old Red – Face & BodyArt Cake Paint 20G

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Global Colours OLD Red shade is a red – the perfect red for Spiderman! Stunning in double loaded flowers when paired with white, or as the ideal base colour for devils, Santa Claus, super heroes, clown noses, pirate bandannas and flames. Use a filbert brush to make perfect red hearts, trickle a little red out of the mouth on your vampire designs or sponge over a scaly stencil to make your scary dragon designs pop! Available in 20g


Global Colours’ have added a ‘kit convenient’ 20g size to our beloved Face and BodyArt family. These compact rectangular containers have magnets attached on the back, allowing them to stick to metallic surfaces such as your ‘Craft’n’Go’, the lid of your kit or any metallic container/object. Magnetising to an upright vertical surface allows you to free up your valuable table space, giving you more room to work comfortably. Stackable and fitting snugly next to each other in your kit, you can now fit more colour into a smaller space

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