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Portal 3: Hear No Evil

Portal 3: Hear No Evil

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Portal 3: Hear No Evil.

Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas.

12x16 inches.


The third painting for "The space and time travelers diaries".

A series of portal exploration by a Zombie Alien character aka ZA.

ZA is a representation of a suffering human form and embodies philosophical visions linked to the human experience.


In portal 3: ZA is inside a space and time diamention of insesent soundscapes, this is symbolic of the Confucius Code of Conduct. Hear no evil references to processing information and how it affects a beings behavour, associations with being of good mind, speech and action.


ZA is only peeping into this portal and is very wary of what to take in, before being sucked back out into the void.

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